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SuperModel HTF 2 feels like an extension of your body. you always feel where the kite
is and what it's doing. That means you can have the most fun on the water and
just focus on your tricks, the waves, or whatever the ocean throws at you.
The way the kite turns and flies makes it extremely versatile. It gives huge lift for
massive jumps. If the swell picks up you can grab a surf board and ride any kind
of waves. Flat water? go for an unhooked freestyle session or light wind foiling.
Any discipline, all conditions: SUPER MODEL DOES IT.




After introducing the revolutionary Hybrid Torsion Frame, we’ve gone into
further analysis to perfect each section’s placement. We’ve also put
SuperModel on a diet, making it up to 15% lighter. This was possible through
careful study of materials, details and reinforcements, allowing our 9m to lose
400gr! This results in a kite that flies better, gets ouf of turns even faster and
has increased low-end performance.


Reedin SuperModel HTF 2 ' 24

PriceFrom €1,115.10
Sales Tax Included |
Kite Color

Longer FlexLite segment for an even faster and more responsive kite

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