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iFeather is an amazingly fun board to ride. It packs a lot of flotation with minimal weight for a board that is both easy, forgiving, and maneuverable while being the most travel-friendly foil board. The inflatable construction makes it easy to pack down into a small package for people that travel a lot, have a small car, or limited storage space.

The inflated structure is extremely light, while our carbon mounting plate allows for maximum rigidity in the stance area and of the foil-to-board connection making IFeather a very fun board to ride.
The 6” thickness allows for the shortest board possible for the most fun when riding.


The inflated structure makes it extremely shock-resistant making it ideal to use from a boat.

WholeSale Reedin iFeather - Wing Foil board

PriceFrom €845.10
Sales Tax Included |
5 to 7 business days
  • Carbon mounting plate: Keeps the board  stiff in the foil and standing area
  • Bottom carry handle
  • Full deck pad
  • Light weight
  • Footstrap inserts
  • Fusion drop stitch: Lighter and stiffer
  • Double layer rails: Durable and stiff
  • Kick tail

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