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The Tour model of our Inflatable Sup line is an ideal board for paddling long distances, exploring rivers, mouths, lakes and seas. It is the perfect board for your adventures. It is ideal to be used in any type of conditions, in flat waters, rough waters and even some waves. Its shape was designed to cut through the water and move forward without much effort.


The size is: 11´6″x32″x5″ provides a lot of stability for beginners and is ideal for people who want to have a versatile product and use it for their adventures.

It comes with 3 fins, a central one and two stabilizers.

It comes with 2 nets so you can carry what you need for your adventures. Ideal for carrying a tent and provisions.

Below are more details about the product.

WholeSale Star-Fish Tour Line - 11'6″x32″x6″- 338 Ltr

€590.00 Regular Price
€531.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included |
Sup Color: blue

All our inflatable sups have a 0.7mm Msl technology, with a high thread density Drop Stitch that can withstand up to 30 PSI. It also comes with double layers of PVC on the rails for added reinforcement.

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