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Star-Fish brings you the new IRON!!! The wing par excellence for maneuvering .

The IRON is a wing that delivers all the power and speed you need to make your moves. It is designed to give maximum maneuverability .

It is a light sail for the simple reason that the materials used for its production are extremely light , the latest on the market. She has a FreeStyle design, with the pressure point towards the neck. The sail was designed in such a way that it is neither too long nor too wide at the Boom. With the shortest sheet so that it does not bother when you carry out the maneuvers.

The various sizes come with 4 battens , all designed so that you can get away with a slightly smaller wing than usual thanks to its great power. There is no doubt that this candle will give you the highest level of satisfaction .

Like all STAR-FISH products, it has the  CE quality certificate and a 2-year guarantee.

Star-Fish Iron Sail 21'-22'

PriceFrom €395.00
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Sail Color

The IRON sail is mainly made of X-ply material. This material is super resistant and at the same time light. It is a material that increases durability and gives structure to the sail.

The X-ply we use is Blue or Green, both transparent, that allows you to see through it. We use those colors to make the sail highly visible on the water. Whether for security or visibility issues.