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Reedin SuperWing 2 - Wingwill please aspiring wing riders as well as advanced riders looking to push their limits in jumps, waves, downwinders and freestyle. Superwing provides a very direct feel, thanks to its stiff structure and natural tensioned canopy. This is also what makes it amazingly efficient.


The design objectives focused on stability, power and forward drive. This is achieved through a specific arc shape for stability, a stiff frame for direct response, and a wing that naturally flares out in order to fly forward as soon as the wind flows through.


Our evolutive AR ensures that the Aspect ratio is specifically designed on each surface in order to provide the best handling for each size. Bigger sizes have lower AR for a shorter wing span and better low end power while smaller size have a slightly higher AR for more efficiency and for better high wind control.


The unique seams provide an exceptional control of the profile, tension and stretch of the canopy: more stable, more efficient, more rigid, and with minimal deformation over time for a wing that you can trust session after session.


Reedin SuperWing 2 - Wing

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Kite Color

Canopy seams are running vertically along the wing, each seam rigidifies and takes on most of the load, this provides a stiffer canopy that will have minimum deformation while riding and over time.

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