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The AIR is a very powerful wing that allows you to get a lot of acceleration very quickly. It was designed this way so that you can use a smaller candle than normal. In this way you manage to reduce volume and weight, thus increasing maneuverability and control.


This model is light due to the materials used to make it. We use Xply, Big Xply and Dacron mainly. It is a sail designed for waves, with the sail point up. We designed the wing to be compact to increase maneuverability.

Star-Fish Air Sail 21' -22

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The AIR sail is made primarily of X-ply material. This material is super resistant and at the same time light. It is a material that increases durability and gives structure to the sail.

The X-ply we use is Blue or Green, both transparent, that allows you to see through it. We use those colors to make the sail highly visible on the water. Whether for security or visibility issues.

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