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Featuring our proven Monobloc centre line, DreamStick X v2 offers the best auto-swiveling solution possible while ensuring freedom of movement to let you steer and depower at the same time. This is proven the absolute favorite auto-swivel solution for riders worldwide. The upgraded system allows rotation of both flagging line and front-lines, ensuring extreme safety whenever opening the quick release. DREAMSTICK X v2 is now upgraded with SK99 Cousin flying lines that are thinner, stronger, and more durable, providing less drag and a quicker reacting kite. Along with all the other features, this truly is a dream to hold.


SK99 Flying lines


Our new flying lines use the highest grade Dyneema® SK99 which is 20% stronger and 30% more resistant to chafing than standard Dyneema. Combined with our unique plastifying technique, it provides flying lines that have virtually no stretch. With stitches-less locked splices to make them even stronger and easy to untangle.

The thinner lines cause significantly less drag, resulting in tighter kite loops, and a much directer steering response.


Easy bend floaters


New floater designs give a very connected and direct feel with the kite, while preventing them from wrapping around the bar in a relaunch situation. The texture gives extra grip if you need to pull the steering lines in even further.


Reedin Dreamstick X Bar v2  - 2024


Reedin Dreamstick X Bar v2 - 2024

€639.00 Regular Price
€594.27Sale Price
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size 43-49cm – 22+2m =24m lines

Dreamstick X comes standard in a 24m line configuration with removable 2 metres for a quick conversion to a 22m configuration.

A unique feature is our foldable line system, which allows you to quickly convert to a 13m, 12m, or 11m setup, depending on whether you fold the lines with or without the 2m extensions, or add the 2m after folding. Ideal for mean kiteloops, foiling, or occasional teaching.


Dreamstick X is easily converted from a 49cm width to a 43cm bar width by flipping the adjusters. We suggest riding SuperModels 4m-6m on 43cm, 7m & 8m on either setting, and 9m and up on 49cm.


Dreamstick X is compatible with any kite that was designed to be flown on a “Low V” or “Low Split” bar setup with a single line flag-out safety system.

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