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STAR-FISH's new premium paddles are 100% 3KT carbon, making them ultra light and strong. In addition, it makes it have an ideal flex point , giving you more propulsion with each stroke.

The union of the pole has the best anti-twist system on the market, it has a flat cut to prevent it from rotating. As it does not have a guide, it has no problems with saltpeter or sand, as well as making them even lighter.

Adjustable paddles are ideal for use in different situations, since the length of the paddle can be adjusted to each need,  perfect if you want to surf or simply share it with different members of a family. friends...etc It is a super versatile and functional product .

If you are looking to compete then we recommend our professional carbon paddle, we can make it to suit you if you tell us so. Our competition paddles are non-adjustable to further minimize weight .


Star-Fish Carbon Paddle

Star-Fish Carbon Paddle

PriceFrom €230.00
Sales Tax Included |
Paddle Color

adjustable 550gr // fixed 450gr

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