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This SUP model is ideal for surfing waves from 1 to 4 meters (depending on the size of the board you choose), its innovative shape allows greater comfort and stability for surfing. With all the sizes we have available, it is ideal both for people who are just starting out and having fun with the waves, as well as for advanced or professional riders who are looking for something of quality to continue evolving.

We designed this model with a FISH tail  , which will allow you to have  more control as soon as you start planning the wave.

It is ready for you to choose the configuration, you will have  up to 3 combinations of fins; quad (4 fins), thruster (3 fins), Twin (2 fins) or single fin configuration (single).


Star-Fish Rofish Wave 8'6"x30"x4 110lts

Star-Fish Rofish Wave 8'6"x30"x4 110lts

€1,350.00 Regular Price
€1,215.00Sale Price
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Sup Color: Green

Tec bamboo consists of a fusion of materials to achieve a hybrid construction that allows greater resistance, incorporating less weight into the board and giving it a Responsive effect. (Greater flexibility and memory to its original shape)